Post Oracle Open World

Post conference, we want to highlight a few areas that impact the present and future of the Oracle ERP landscape. 
CLOUD, on premise, Hybrid, EBS - which way forward?
Many attendees felt overwhelmed with Oracle Cloud applications and services promotions.The Cloud is identified as the most efficient delivery mechanism for applications AND as containing the most advanced functionality,with continual updates of new features.At the same time however,
 For those that want a more cautious path to Cloud computing, Oracle promoted "Hybrid" solutions that allow a step-by-step approach to Cloud upgrades. 
Two modules stand out with potential business advantages:The Cloud Financial Accounting Hub, and the Cloud Advanced Revenue Recognition module. These details create an atmosphere of "Cloud & Fusion confusion – what is the reality and what are the options for current international EBS users?"
E-AUDIT requirements - finding effective solutions for compliant submissions
Many attendees and visitors from international operations asked questions concerning new regulations regarding E-Audit, data privacy and data protection.While a few sessions addressed those topics,the quest for a consistent international statutory compliance strategy is still not resolved.
   We will bring you excerpts of the "Oracle Localizations & Globalizations Roadmap" presentation and organize participation of Oracle product managers.  
Third Party Tools and Utilities in the Oracle ERP Ecosystem
We want to familiarize you with some tools that may be of interest; such as a credit card processing utility with half the cost per transaction, a banking solutions with vastly superior AP payment and AR Lockbox functionality, and our own document sequencing utility.

At Celantra we work hard to advise our clients on the creation and evolution of effective, efficient global implementation structures.In the next few weeks we will host a Fall Series of Webinars addressing each of the issues above. Further details on each of these sessions to be sent shortly. If you have specific questions or contributions you would like incorporated, please contact us at Celantra Systems so we can include in the discussion content.
We value your input and participation.
We also welcome all of you to participate within the OAUG Multi-National SIG group If you are not already a member, please contact Jenn Rush for registration details.
Best Regards,
Hans Kolbe & the Celantra Systems Team