Mr. Kolbe has more than sixteen years’ experience in the design and implementation of financial, manufacturing, and distribution for U.S., European, and Asian corporations. He has developed a broad expertise in international legal and tax compliance for most European, many Asian, Latin American and Middle-East countries as well as the U.S. advising multi-national corporations on IT and ERP systems structure and implementation parameters. Over the last 4 years this has included Sarbanes-Oxley compliance assessments and improvements, especially regarding international subsidiaries and inter-company processes. Mr. Kolbe has developed multi-country and global implementation solutions for international companies from global high-tech manufacturers, consumer goods or chemical goods producers through service and consulting companies to large investment and banking firms. He combines a thorough understanding of business processes with a firm grasp of the accounting, manufacturing and legal perspectives. He is intimately familiar with the international and national requirements for global and regional accounting and financial reporting system, ERP and Supply Chain Management systems.

Mr. Kolbe has experience in program and project management for system implementation and global rollouts including data base conversions, custom programming, internal and external training and technical support organizations. He has an excellent knowledge of Oracle Applications in finance, manufacturing, logistic and CRM operations. Mr. Kolbe has actively participated in and managed the entire life cycle of large multi-national projects, including software and consulting pre-sales, scoping and proposal management, project planning and supervision, as well as implementation and post go-live management. In addition to Oracle applications, Mr. Kolbe has a working knowledge of other ERP Systems (SAP, Peoplesoft, and MfgPRO) and the integration issues between divergent ERP and corporate reporting systems.

Mr. Kolbe comes from a background of European legal training and practical experience in coordinating and integrating European and U.S. legal standards. Mr. Kolbe speaks English and German fluently. Mr. Kolbe was with Oracle Corporation’s consulting organization for more than 4 years, during the last year at the level of Practice Manager within the North American Center for Global Deployments.

Mr. Kolbe started and is still active in German-Jewish dialogue activities in the US and Europe.

Mr. Kolbe is a passionate cello player and loves sailing.